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  Nominee: Paul Pagnozzi - Hawthorne, NJ

My name is Paul Pagnozzi, a Packers fan for 56 years and I want to be elected to the fan section of the Packers Hall of Fame. When I was 9 years old, playing Pee Wee football, I wrote to Bart Starr, my hero. He sent me a black and white 8 x 10 photo. WOW! I met Mr. Starr 21 years later and he signed that photo.

My son Joe, 5 years old, followed in my footsteps. We were in Toys R Us when he saw a kid's football uniform, but only Giants, Jets, or Eagles, but he wanted the Packers. I then called Toys R Us in Wisconsin and had a Packers uniform shipped to New Jersey in time for Christmas. His mom bought him dress shoes and a suit and tie for church on Christmas morning. Now it's Christmas morning, and all the gifts are wrapped and the first gift he grabs is the uniform. Great! He puts it on and won't take it off or open any other gifts.

I have a lot of friends who all know me to be a Packers fan; even my priest knows I am a Packers fan. When the Packers beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl, the next morning I spray painted my entire pickup truck green and gold, even the tires! I had 3 bottles of chilled champagne, drove to the center of town, shook them real good, popped the corks and poured them over my head.

I am a Packers stockholder. I have a tile on the wall at Lambeau field which I will see for the first time next week. How cool is that? I try to pattern my life after Coach Lombardi's teachings. There is no doubt that if he were still with us the world would be a better place. He would make sure of that. I also try to act with class just as Bart Starr does, he is my idol and my hero to this day and I am proud to say that! When the Packers win I can't sleep and when they lose I really can't sleep.

Going to the Packers Hall of Fame is one thing, being a member is the only thing!




I would be proud, my son would be proud and everyone who knows me would say "Ya know what Paul deserves to be a member, he stuck with them every day and there is no one who is more loyal to ANY team."

"This to me is the greatest honor any person can receive in any walk of life. The Packers are MY LIFE! I would be honored to wear that Gold n Green Jacket!"

  Nominee: Steve Sexmith - Appleton, WI

Lombardi.. Bengston.. Devine.. Starr.. Gregg.. Infante.. Holmgren.. Rhodes.. Sherman.. McCarthy.. .Steve knows them all! And why is that? The Packers and Steve have a history, that's why.

When Steve was 9 years old, he was all set to attend the NFL Championship game against the Cleveland Browns on January 2nd, 1965. Unfortunately, it snowed so hard his family could not make it to the game. But on September 25th, 1966, he made it to his first game against the LA Rams. You never saw a happier kid. A year later he attended the historic Ice Bowl. Not many kids can say that.

As he got older, Steve realized the importance of sharing his thrill of the game with those less fortunate than he is. The family season tickets were passed on to Steve in 1987. As a result, he has been able to share his coveted tickets with his foreign exchange student as well as other friends who otherwise would not be able to attend a Packers game. Making it possible for others to see a game was almost as exciting as going to a game himself.

Steve has a wonderful wife who supports his obsession with the Packers! She is tolerant of his HUGE Packers memorabilia collection, his travels to away games, fascination with "Breathe the Green and Gold" and his passion for all things Packers. One thing she could not support was Steve's passion for getting autographs from the players of the 60"s after the game. If only that activity would be allowed today!

Throughout the years, Steve has always wanted to run the Packers flag across the end zone at the beginning of the game. As of late, he has come to realize that he doesn't have the physical capabilities to haul that large flag across the field without doing serious damage to himself! That being said, Steve will always have that burning desire to do just that.

If you asked Steve's friends to describe him, the consensus of the group would be that Steve is a loyal, passionate, knowledgeable and Christian fan. His friends would be the first to say that his plan is to carry on the tradition of the Green Bay Packers in his heart as long as he lives.

And who knows? Maybe one of his grandchildren will have the experience of running that flag across the end zone. If that doesn't happen, they will still be able to say that their grandpa was at the Ice Bowl. But more importantly, Steve's willingness to go the extra mile and share his love for the game with others is something his family will never forget. Quite a legacy to leave for a fourth-generation group of Packers fans.

"I am humbled to be associated with the Green Bay Packers. I am also proud to be part of the Packers tradition. Go Pack Go!"

  Nominee: Ron Colbo - De Pere, WI

I'd like to nominate my father, Ron Colbo, to be this year's inductee to the Packers Fan Hall of Fame. My father has been a Packers fan his entire life. As a child, he grew up on Stadium View Dr., and had a front yard view most of us can only dream of. Some highlights of my father's fandom include a near-permanent tailgating spot in Lot 1, a trip to New Orleans for the Super Bowl XXXI victory over the Patriots, and the foresight to put his sons on the season ticket waiting list as babies. If we rewind these highlights I think it speaks even further to why he would make an excellent addition to the Fan Hall of Fame. Every step of the way, he's embodied the values laid out by Vince Lombardi, His God, his family, and the Green Bay Packers. The tailgate in Lot 1 is always a place where our family and friends gather. Brothers and sisters, children and parents, and friends and colleagues are always there to share in the experience he graciously hosts every home game. There's always extra food and an extra beer if you want to bring a friend. It's also where he met my wife, his daughter-in-law. In New Orleans for the Super Bowl, he went with his older brother Rick. Even though I'm sure they had as much fun as anyone, he still made sure to call his son during the game. He might not have wanted to miss Brett Favre scoring a rushing touchdown, but if you asked him, I bet it was worth it. 27 years after he put my name on the waiting list, his excellence as a fan and father was rewarded by allowing us to go to every game together. The past 4 years riding our cars together all the way down Broadway in West De Pere to Potts to pull up the back way, and talking for hours after the game about all the big plays, has been everything a Packers family could want. My father is also a stroke survivor. He is incredibly strong and brave to battle through the hardships we've faced as a family. While it wasn't possible to attend games last year after the stroke, we were all thrilled that he was well enough to come to the home opener this year against Chicago. He was rewarded with one of the biggest ever "Yeah, I was there" games, as Jerry Kramer likes to say in the stadium weekly. Over the summer, we even made a stop to Lambeau on my wedding day. I hope you consider him worthy of the Packers Fan Hall of Fame. Go Pack Go.

"I am so honored and thankful to be nominated as a finalist. I grew up across the street from Lambeau and this is a dream come true for a lifelong fan! Go Pack Go!"

  Nominee: Dennis Willey - Houston, TX

This is an application for my uncle, Dennis Willey's (a Packers shareholder), induction into the Packers Fan Hall of Fame. It is also a tribute and living eulogy for a real character, who for at least fifty years has been the greatest Packers fan I have ever known. As I write this, Dennis is nearing the end of his battle with pancreatic cancer. That said, I just visited him and his wife Debbie at their Houston home with my family. The first thing he told us when we arrived was we were going to go watch the game in their Packers Room at Molly's bar the next day. He started the bar's Packers Room 28 years ago when they moved to the area and it has been filled with Packers fans and friends from near and far ever since. The room is lined with Packers posters, flags, characters and memorabilia from wall to wall. When we left my son said, "Uncle Dennis really knows how to die."

It was that night sitting in Dennis's den filled with Packers paraphernalia that my sons and Dennis's brother Brian started asking themselves "can a Packers fan be inducted into the Hall of Fame?" Over a couple beers and Google, they discovered the Packers Fan Hall of Fame which Dennis richly deserves to be part of.

A sense of Dennis's enthusiasm for the Packers is highlighted above, but we could write a book about it. For example, his closet is lined with Packers tee shirts, sweatshirts, pants, and most impressively, a genuine Green Bay Packers suit. His home and garage are filled with Packers paraphernalia. The Green Bay Chronicle even printed a story about Dennis' dedication to the Packers all the way from Texas.

In addition to (and possibly more important than) being a Packers fan, Dennis has lived a life of service that may have been best highlighted by Houston mayor, Sylvester Turner, declaring January 7, 2017 "Dennis Michael Willey Day." Briefly, Dennis served in the Army as a K-9 specialist. From there, he was hired by the U.S. Customs Service in 1974, moving into increasingly broader and more critical roles before retiring about three years ago due to his illness. Dennis also has a long history of giving his time to help those less fortunate or those who just needed some help. There is much more that could be said but I hope you get the idea.

I hope you will consider this application while Dennis is still on this earth - he truly deserves to be in the Packers Fan Hall of Fame. He has the character we are all proud of, but the crazy enthusiasm that makes him worthy of the Hall.

"Dennis Willey lived and died an avid Packers fan. He unfortunately died 12/11/18 - two days after watching a Green Bay win. He can now rest in Packers peace - just Packers peace - just as he lived - Faith, Family, and the Green Bay Packers."

  Nominee: Brent Perzentka - Madison, WI

Picture a young boy running home from church with the house keys in hand, trying to get home before the Packers game started. Flash forward: picture a teenage boy changing into his Brian Noble Packers jersey in his backyard, as his mom wanted him to be dressed up for school. His preference was to support his team. Needless to say, my husband, Brent, has been a Packers fan his whole life, attending his first game when just a boy. His grandma said that he was the only grandchild to sit and watch an entire Packers game, even as a toddler. He had a Packers helmet he would wear all of the time as a boy, whose favorite Christmas present as a kid was a Packers jersey, and who played football throughout his youth. Even to this day, his parents give him Packers clothes and books about Packers history each Christmas and birthday.

I've known my now-husband for ten years, and every time we travel, he wears a Packers shirt with pride. I've witnessed these shirts become conversation starters over the years, and even in Florida for a night before our departure for an Eastern Caribbean cruise for our honeymoon, we were in a sports bar watching the Packers win over the Bears. Mind you, his father-in-law, my dad, grew up in Evanston and is a Bears fan. They've agreed to get along and enjoy the rivalry.

Now, he is a season ticket holder who hangs the 100 seasons Packers flag in our yard in Madison. When his grandparents passed away, he was willed down the season tickets, having such a bond with his grandparents around the team. He hears stories of them attending games during the Lombardi era, and more recently, he and his mother attended the rainy Thanksgiving game. No weather will stop him from rooting, "Go Pack, Go!" Over time, he's taught our nephew the same chant, as well as our daughter. As she grows, now a three year old, her Packers outfits get updated every year. Interestingly enough, on the night our daughter was born, my husband's dream was taking our daughter to a Packers game. To him, football has and always will be a family affair.

My husband is the fan who cries at a Hail Mary game victory, at a Super Bowl championship, and treasures memories of attending summer training camps with his grandparents as a boy. He still has the player's autographs to this day. We also have a framed photo of our trip to Canton, where we visited the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Attached is a photograph of our family of three from the first pre-season summer game from this season.

Thank you for your consideration of my lifelong Packers fan husband, Brent.

"It is an honor to be considered as one of the finalists for the Packers Fan Hall of Fame. I feel I am just a representative for all of the devoted Packers fans in the state of Wisconsin. To quote the great Vince Lombardi, "Think of only three things: your god, your family, and the Green Bay Packers."

  Nominee: Charlie Younkle - Green Bay, WI

My nominee as Supreme 2019 Packers Fan is my grandfather Charlie Younkle.

Although he has been gone for more than 50 years. His tradition of family gatherings to watch the Packers play on game day continues today.

I know many families in the area that have the same tradition, but his love for football began earlier than most.

In the early 1900's he played for one of the Hometown Teams that were popular during that time. A picture of himself and his 1910 team mates is on the Oneida Walk of Legends monument on the corner of Lombardi Ave and Oneida St.

His love for football was passed down to his sons Wayne, George, Bob and my Dad, Carl. Sunday gatherings at grandpa's house for football was a given.

I can still envision him sitting in his white leather chair directly in front of the T.V. If an opposing team would break away on a long run or a pass reception, his leg would fly up in the air and straighten out as if he was trying to trip him. Everyone would burst out laughing.

After grandpa passed away, the tradition continued by my dad and his brothers, each taking turns hosting the game each Sunday. My cousin's and I would spend halftime tossing the football around in a nearby vacant lot in the neighborhood.

In the early 60's when blackouts were common for less than sold out games, we would travel to Manitowoc to visit my Uncle Tuffy and Aunt Joan, to catch the game.

During my dad's final years, dementia had taken its toll on dad, however, his grandsons and myself still would gather at grandpa's house to catch the game.

The tradition is still carried on today with my family. Although as with all families in this modern era, traveling scheduling grandkids events and job responsibilities take precedent. My daughters and their families know if there's a Packers game on, they are always welcome at mom and dad's house.

Sundays during football season always begins with. God, your family and the Green Bay Packers. in that order.

Thank You,

Bob Younkle

"We were surprised and elated when his team picture was installed on the Oneida Walk of Legends. We know he played a very very small part in the building block of football in Green Bay, but by putting a name to the face of one of the early pioneers of the Greatest Sports Franchise in history gives our family even more pride. The same pride the Packers have being owned by the public, every day people. That means a lot to our family as we are all blue collar workers."

  Nominee: Scott Cagle - Green Bay, WI

Scott Cagle has been a fan of the Green Bay Packers his entire life. He has been a season ticket holder since the 1990's and attends all the games, tailgating for many of them. Inviting friends and family to join in the tailgating fun is something Scott especially enjoys. Attending regular season games at Lambeau is not enough for Scott. He also loves to travel, having attended away games in Minnesota, Detroit, Tampa Bay, Kansas City, Denver, St. Louis, Houston and others. He isn't done yet, while on his honeymoon in 2008 in Hawaii, he and his wife attended the Pro Bowl. It was a tough year for Scott during the 1996 season. He experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. His father, Cline- the man responsible for Scott's first Packers game as a 10- year old - died of cancer in mid-October. About 3 weeks later, Scott struck the jackpot by winning a random NFL drawing for Super Bowl tickets. That his favorite team happened to return to glory in that very game made for a few smiles during a difficult year. Scott had seats right by the tunnel where the Pack came out and backup tight end, Jeff Thomason even threw him a glove! He also attended Super Bowls XXXII and XLV. The fun still hasn't stopped! Scott has visited The Pro Football Hall of Fame numerous times, including when James Lofton, Dave Robinson, Brett Favre, and Jerry Kramer got inducted! He even got invited to Dave Robinson's private party while in Canton in 2013! Scott also loves to collect memorabilia, go figure! There is always something more to collect, even after 35 years. He is especially into the 1960's era. He loves to collect autographs in person from his favorite players, as there is a story behind every autograph he owns. His entire basement is filled with memorabilia, with every wall being completely covered and even the ceiling! Scott's collection includes: signed prints from numerous players from the 1960's, replica Super Bowl trophies, signed checks, footballs, helmets, jerseys, and everything in-between. Scott made his own field goal post and locker to help display his collection and make it more unique. He even has a Christmas tree that stays up all year long that is decorated with only Packer ornaments and green and gold lights!

"To me it means commitment, loyalty, and passion to be a nominee for the Packers Fan Hall of Fame. I am both humbled and honored that you see these virtues in me. My hope is that I have passed these traits on to you, not only for the Packers, but for all your life's endeavors."

  Nominee: Chuck Bromley - Middleton, ID

Hail Mary Pass

Chuck Bromley is arguably the most devoted Packers fan since Vince Lombardi. He grew up in Casper, Wyoming with a climate as frigid as Lambeau Field. Since his earliest days Chuck has been in awe of Vince Lombardi, and his beloved Green Bay Packers. Chuck attended several summer football camps where Lombardi reigned as a god. The Holy Grail of football literature "Vince Lombardi on Football," and Jerry Kramer's "Instant Replay," reside in his library to this day.

Chuck reveres the great Vince Lombardi, not only as a football coach, but as a life coach. The Packers ideals of hard work, integrity, never give up, and being a man of your words have carried him through life. 40 years ago, Chuck met his wife, a crazed Broncos fan. This allowed Chuck to cheer the Packers in a live game at Mile High Stadium. Even in the midst of raging Broncos fans he cheered proudly for his beloved Packers. Every year since, Chuck has asked Santa for another Packers and Broncos Super Bowl.

Chuck loves the Packers. He is a walking Green Bay Packers advertisement, especially on game days! He loves the Packers because of their high moral character that's embodied by the team and staff. In his words, "The Packers are the best franchise in the NFL, and they are the only franchise that I KNOW will never move. They are and always have been the best coached and managed team in the NFL. They are owned by a community of fans, regular people like you and me, and not a corporation or single individual. I have been rooting for the Packers since 1964 through both good times and bad. They are the better half of the oldest rivalry in professional sports: Green Bay and the Da Bears. It was really meaningful to see Jerry Kramer get inducted in the Hall of Fame this year, as it was his last and final chance to be inducted." Chuck relates to this due to his own battles.

There is arguably no one single greatest Packers fan. It is the fans as a team that make the Packers so great. However, Chuck is the most deserving of the best fan 2019 award. What sets Chuck apart, is that he has been battling stage four metastatic cancer for over three years. He has gone through three surgeries, groundbreaking radiation treatments, and numerous chemotherapy regimens, all while continuing to work full time. This is due to his sheer Packers' grit and determination. His goal is to retire in April 2019 to pursue his own interests with the remainder of his life. Watching the Packers play in Lambeau Field is a lifelong dream. Chuck recently encountered an additional challenge to achieving this dream: his wife was diagnosed with cancer as well. With both battling cancer, fulfilling the dream of watching his beloved Green Bay Packers in Lambeau Field seems more elusive than ever, and he is in need of a Hail Mary pass.

"I am deeply honored to be named as a finalist in the Packers Fan Hall of Fame. To have this honor bestowed on me would be a dream come true, achieving an unbelievable connection with the greatest of sports franchises."

  Nominee: Li Hu - Oshkosh, WI

I would like to nominate artist, emeritus art Professor Li Hu, to the Packers Fan Hall of Fame, and hope that Li's story will convince you that he deserves this nomination. Li and I are originally from Shanghai, China. We moved to Oshkosh, Wisconsin in 1994 after Li became an art professor at UW Oshkosh. One Sunday, Li went shopping and was astounded that there was no one around. He set out to investigate why Oshkosh was a "ghost town" and was told "well, there is a Packers game". Li and I started watching the Packers; he soon became a passionate Packers fan and game expert! He felt privileged to attend games in 1997 - the Packers / Bears game was our first induction into becoming a Packers fan. After the Super Bowl, there was no turning back. Li always said that it's amazing that an NFL team was publicly owned by a small city - Green Bay - not private ownership.

As an artist, Li noted there was ample art depicting players and games, but little artwork of the fans - of which he was the greatest! So, he started his Packers Fan Series of over 20 paintings. The piece de resistance of his series is an oil painting titled "Packers Fans" (see attached picture). The size of the painting is enormous - 4.5 feet x 15 feet, and took him a very long time to complete. It will be displayed at the Neville Museum in 2019 with his Packers Fans Series in celebration of the Packers 100th year history. Li always said this painting belonged to the Packers Fan Hall of Fame.

Li was a serious, prolific, and monumental artist. His paintings reflect his loves. He ensured that the size of his works were not limited - that they were reflective of the importance of the subject. All of his themes were serious, except for his Packers Fan Series, his favorite, which showed his true passion and joy as a Packers fan.

As an artist and professor, Li was loved by all including his students and peers around the country and internationally. He mentored many students who have become prolific local artists and educators. Before Li lost his battle with cancer in 2016, we met with the Chancellor of UW Oshkosh to establish the Li Hu Art Student Scholarship which was Li's way of ensuring that students will always have the opportunity to learn to become artists. Fund-raising events with silent auctions of his artwork have been used to award a yearly scholarship to a UW Oshkosh art student. In 2019, several of the Packers Fan Series will be auctioned off to raise more funds for this scholarship.

Please nominate Li for the Packers Fan Hall of Fame. He truly was passionate about both Packers and Packers Fans. Hopefully, this painting - Li's lasting tribute to all Packers Fans will eventually be displayed in the Hall of Fame for all to enjoy.

Ping Li

Loving wife of Li Hu

"This nomination means three things to me: honor, loyalty and joy - the spirit of the Packers. I am deeply touched and honored that I can share Li's passion and loyalty as a Packers fan which he demonstrated during the season (winning or losing), and through his Packers Fan paintings. Being a Packers fan has brought both Li and I much joy through the years. I know Li would be honored to continuously share his joy as a fan by sharing his paintings with Packers fans everywhere."

  Nominee: Amy Nelson - Fence, WI

Amy Nelson deserves selection for the Packers Fan Hall of Fame for her life-long, faithful, and positive support of the Green Bay Packers. No matter the outcome of games, nor the wins and losses of a season, Amy always remains a true Packers fan. From memorizing player jersey numbers to committing the annual schedule to memory, Amy has an encyclopedic memory of all things Packers.

At home, Amy is the head cheerleader each game day. Through each week of the season, she recites the schedule and checks in with family members to see who will be joining her to watch the game and recruits anyone who doesn't immediately commit to joining the party.

Whether pre-season, regular season or playoffs, game day is a weekly highlight for Amy as she plans her green and gold wardrobe, snacks, and seating arrangements. By kick-off she is sure to have taken her seat in the front row at home to watch the game unfold and offer words of encouragement as needed.

As an adult with Down's syndrome, Amy loves the excitement of Packers games and enjoys the bonds they create with friends and family. Amy also shares her Packers spirit with her community. At Wausaukee Enterprises where Amy works, she is known for her love of the green and gold and never misses a chance to show off her impressive collection of team jerseys, other Packer apparel, jewelry, and accessories. On glamour days during the season when she gets a manicure at work, she has requested green and gold nail polish on more than one occasion.

Perhaps most importantly, Amy is a great example of true team spirit by supporting the team through the ups and downs of each season and through the passing years. Amy's faithful and positive outlook at all times is an example all Packers fans should follow. For this reason, the Packers Fan Hall of Fame needs Amy Nelson among its members to set an example for all Packers fans around the world.

"Thank you. I am very excited and want to win! Number 52, Clay Matthews, is my favorite player and it would be an honor to be in the Packers Fan Hall of Fame."