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  Nominee: Carol Postulka - Pierre, SD

My sister, who resides in the heart of Viking and Bronco country, watched her father cheer on the Packers. Sunday after Sunday she sat watching the Packers games with him through years of ups and downs. His love of the game and love of the Packers was steadfast... a lesson from Lombardi.

That girl, my sister, grew into a woman whose passion and loyalty for the Packers grew also. A working woman in a small town in the heart of the Midwest, her Packers enthusiasm became well known among her colleagues, friends and family. Everyone in her life knows that Game Day brings out attire that is green, gold, and sparkly! But, all days are Packer days as demonstrated by choice of house colors, yard decorations, jewelry selection, Christmas tree theme and accessories for her beloved dog. To Carol there is never enough Packers gear. She is all-in... a lesson from Lombardi.

After a win she does not gloat but she is gleeful. After a loss, she is disappointed, but not dashed. "The sun will rise tomorrow" she will say, already eager for the next game. Never a fair weather fan; always a good natured competitor. Dedication...a lesson from Lombardi.

Just as she watched alongside her father all those years ago, her children watched with her. They too have wardrobes of green and gold. She has taken them to Lambeau Field to experience the glory firsthand. They have even seen her sequin adorned outfits splashed on the Tundra Vision screen. Now her grandchildren witness the spectacle. On Game Day they listen to enthusiastic chants of "Go Pack Go", they watch adults leap in the air, and cheer on their team: green and gold, the red zone, the black and blue division. Tradition...a lesson from Lombardi.

There is a legion of Packer faithful, ardent, rabid, raucous, outlandish, and fiercely loyal with stories to tell. They behave and believe as she does. I nominate my sister because she is more than a Packers fan. She is a Packers ambassador who models their hallmarks passed on from Lombardi leadership, commitment, tradition, family. After the hand-off from her "coach", her father, a perfect pass to the next generations. She has not fumbled the ball. TOUCHDOWN! My exceptional sister, the supreme Packer fan, is Carol Postulka. She resides in Pierre, South Dakota.

"This honor is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I've been such a big Packers fan my entire life that this is a fabulous thing and I love the thought of it!"
  Nominee: Karen Troyanek - La Crosse, WI

My Green Bay Packer fanatical Mother is Donald Driver years old. She has Mason Crosby number of children and Don Majkowski grandchildren and Ryan Longwell foster children.

Karen has been a devoted fan since the glory days of Vince Lombardi. She has passionately shared her love of the Packers with her family, relatives and extended family. The green and gold clothes she wears, the jackets and blankets are donned on a consistent basis supporting the team.

The devotion does not end there. When she hit her TJ Lang birthday, she decided to get a tattoo on her hip. I remember it like yesterday. My father was away on a hunting trip when she got it. However, he was the one that took her back to the tattoo parlor so that she could finish getting it colored in. Talk about a commitment!

She recently had hip surgery, however, before the surgery she learned that the physician was a Minnesota Vikings fan. So, the questioning began more intently! How many years have you been a surgeon? How many hip replacements have you completed successfully? He smiled and assured her that he had successfully completed many surgeries on Packers and Vikings fans alike. Then, knowing it was coming, he beat my Mother to the punch by pointing out that the Vikings have never won a Super Bowl. My mother's smile resonated from ear to ear.

In closing, I would like to share that on Sunday afternoon she is like a little kid on Christmas morning. Just try to pry her away from the game and if the phone rings, forget it, she won't answer!

"I'm a finalist! Isn't this something? This is so wonderful and I am just so darn proud and excited. I love the Packers so much. Win or lose I love them."
  Nominee: Frank Lamping - Union Grove, WI

Who postpones their cancer surgery in order to maintain their perfect attendance at Lambeau Field? The same person who trims by hand the 2-foot by 2-foot plot of replanted Lambeau Field turf in his backyard. The same fan who insists on being the first into the stadium each home game to take his customary place in the first row of the South end of the field, where he dutifully corrals pregame field goals. The same person who is rarely, if ever, seen in his hometown of Union Grove, WI, wearing anything other than Packers gear.

It's that very same person who was singled out by former WISN-TV sportscaster Andy Kendeigh during a radio interview in 2010. As Kendeigh was preparing to leave the state for Omaha he was asked what the one thing he would miss most about Wisconsin is. Kendeigh answered, simply, Lambeau Frank.

Known by many of his friends in Union Grove as 'Jumbotron' because of his routine appearances on the stadium video screens. Frank is a fixture in the southwest stands, an icon who is recognized as much for his Packers construction helmet as his game worn Ty Detmer cleats (which he wears to all home games).

It is difficult to put into words the passion that Frank has for the Packers. It was that passion that helped him and wife, Andrea, push through an Oklahoma blizzard in February 2011 while on their way to the Dallas area ahead of Super Bowl XLV. Oh, they didn't have tickets to the game: Frank simply needed to be in the city where the game was being played.

It is that passion and commitment to the team that led to the postponement of cancer surgery two years ago. Following a diagnosis of an aggressive form of prostate cancer, Frank's physician scheduled the surgery for the Monday after a Packers home game. Once Frank did the math and realized that the requirement associated with the surgical schedule wouldn't work with his Packers schedule, Frank insisted that the surgery be adjusted so that he could take his seat at Lambeau.

Beyond his devotion to the team, the quality that qualifies Frank as the ultimate ambassador for the Packers is the way he embodies the Packers Way. Frank continues to battle cancer, but at the same time has not wavered in his devotion to his community just as he has not wavered in his devotion to the Packers. He has not slowed in is volunteering or enthusiasm for life.

Frank truly embodies all that is good about the Green Bay Packers and is unquestionably deserving of a position in the Fan Hall of Fame.

"I am so honored to be a finalist Packers fans are the greatest fans in the world, and to be nominated for this honor means everything to me. I really do not have the words to describe this feeling. My dad got me going as a Packers fan and I owe this to him. I just hope he can see how honored and blessed I feel from heaven."
  Nominee: George Oudhuis - Rolling Praire, IN

I would like to nominate my father, George Oudhuis, for the Green Bay Packers Fan Hall of Fame. The passion that my father has cannot be expressed in words. For as long as I can remember the Packers have been a part of my life. Living in Northern Indiana, being a Packer's fan isn't the norm in the first place but being a Packers fan like my father is, well, unheard of. The collection that my father has built is unbelievable. His basement has transitioned from a typical mancave to a mini Packers museum.

The passion that he has for the Green Bay Packers started when he was a young boy and as his love grew for the team, his collection grew as well. Any Packers fan to walk into the shrine is not disappointed. There are endless amounts of collectables, autographs, hats, trinkets, and one-of-a-kind items. Some of the biggest Bear's fans that I know are astonished with what he has built and cannot have anything other than respect for his passion.

Our family vacations were always spent in Green Bay, no other location was even considered. Over the 40 years that he has been going to Green Bay his relationship with the city and the people grew. They recognized that this man from Northern Indiana isn't your typical Sunday fan. He found his niche in Green Bay and started to make acquaintances that have now developed into friendships that will last a lifetime. He has participated in many events revolving around the city of Green Bay and their team, including unveiling a new street sign that was being dedicated to Donald Driver. In July of 2014, he was even presented with a 'Key to the City' by Mayor Schmitt which was an unexpected honor that he is very proud of.

My father is not only passionate for the Green Bay Packers, but for life and people in general. My dad is the type of person that would give you the shirt off his back (as long as you are okay with it being a Packers shirt- that's all he owns). Throughout my life, he has been a constant support, only missing one sporting event, and that was due to being at a Packers game (which is the only valid excuse). His mission in life is to share his passion with anyone and everyone that will hear him out, and that passion is the Packers. My father deserves this honor, I don't think his life will be complete until he is able to say that he is in the Green Bay Packers Fan Hall of Fame.

"To be considered feels like a validation of my 50+ years of embracing the Green and Gold. I am honored by the opportunity to be recognized and humbled by the thought my family name might become a small part of Packer folklore."
  Nominee: Terry Schwefel - Watertown, WI

When I think of a "Supreme Packers Fan" I can't think of anyone but my mother, Terry Schwefel. She has been a Packers fan since she was old enough to know who the Green Bay Packers were. Anyone who knows my mom will tell you she is CRAZY IN LOVE with the Packers!! She wears Packers apparel 7 days a week. She represents them in so many ways from a Packers license plate to many indoor and outdoor figurines to a walk-in closet full of Packer hats, gloves, shirts, shoes, pajamas, socks, coats, rings, bracelets, hair accessories, and over 50 pairs of earrings. My mom has a kitchen full of bowls, crock pots, plates, glasses, & utensils all with the Packer logo on them. Unbelievable! Let's not forget the WOW her basement represents!! She has over 1800 sq. feet of wall space taken up with only Packer memorabilia and pictures of her and family at Packers games. Don't forget the pillows, knickknacks, and blankets EVERYWHERE!

My mom hasn't missed a Packers game in years whether it'd be at Lambeau Field or watching it on TV. When she is not at a game, she enjoys sitting in front of the TV being her own referee with a football, yellow flag, challenge flag, and a "bad call brick" to throw if need be. Ask her where her favorite place to be is? Of course, her answer would be, "Lambaeu Field". She loves the excitement & happiness that goes on in Green Bay on Packers gamedays! You aren't allowed to go with her to the games unless you are covered head to toe in Packers apparel, like herself. If you don't have enough she will let you borrow from her stash because it would be an embarrassment if you didn't show enough Packers spirit on game day. There isn't a conversation that happens without her mentioning the Packers in some way. Don't ever try to insult the Packers in front of her. YIKES! She will stick up for the team and coaches EVERY TIME! No matter their record my mom's devotion will not waver! She never underestimates the Packers and believes every season that they will be in the Super Bowl.

As I conclude, I just want to mention that my mom was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia over 8 years ago and is in a ton of pain every day. She misses out on a lot of things because of it but one thing she will never set aside is "my Packers", as she refers to them.

"This is phenomenal, to get chosen among all the other fans that were nominated is just amazing. This makes me so happy because there is nothing better than "my Packers"."
  Nominee: LaNore Anderson - Thorp, WI

LaNore, my 93-year-old mother, represents all the moms who have done the right thing and raised their children as Packers fans. LaNore's record is a perfect 8-0. Despite my late father being an avid Minnesota Vikings fan she managed to raise all eight of us Anderson children as Packers backers.

How? Simply by showing us what the Packers mean to her and our state.

Sure, she proudly displays her Packers Shareholder stock in her home. She loves her Lambeau brick she received as a Christmas gift from her kids. And she has photos and mementos of her favorites throughout her house. However, LaNore goes beyond the usual fandom of watching Packers games, wearing the G&G and flying the Packers' flag.

She's a fan 365 days of the year. Win or lose. Year in and year out. LaNore is Packers proud. Through good times and bad, she's taught us how to appreciate victories and accept losses. And during the 1970s and 1980s, she kept her faith in the Packers and encouraged her kids to do the same.

When others were writing angry letters to the Packers, LaNore was the one writing to the Packers coaches to personally remind them that fans like her still supported them and the Packers organization.

When the Packers won Super Bowl XXXI, I was happiest for longtime Packers fans like my mom who had never wavered. Since her kids couldn't be with her to watch the game, we gathered a month later and had a big Super Bowl party with her at her home and re-watched every second of the game as if it were live.

LaNore has spent years tirelessly collecting Packers yearbooks for me, recording and sending videotapes to her kids who couldn't watch the games live, relentlessly advocating for Jerry Kramer to be elected to the NFL Hall of Fame and has even donated her car to Bart Starr's charity.

She also cheers for the Packers players, their spouses and their families off the field, sending cards to injured players and former Packers who are facing tough times. For her, once a Packers player, always a member of the Packers' family.

Her eight children, their spouses and her grandkids, are grateful to LaNore for instilling in us our Packers pride.

"Believe me I AM speechless and that's NOT me usually, but honored at the same time. I've always thought... NOW everyone that lives in Wisconsin is a Packers fan. What's NOT to love?"
  Nominee: John Powers - Savage, MN

Our dad endures- it's what he does. He has endured living in the bear den that is Illinois. He endures living in Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes and even more Vikings fans. He also admirably endures his battle with Multiple Sclerosis on a daily basis. Despite physical limitations, he is always to first to offer help when his family "his team" needs it. No matter how physically or emotionally drained he might feel, he always has his family's back. He truly is a champion in all aspects of life and a hall of fame person. His determination and love for tackling life the right way carries over to our extended family- the Green Bay Packers.

John Powers is a nice mix of retro and new era Packers fan. Like most diehards, his fanhood extends beyond his season tickets and shares of stock- he literally wears it on his sleeves. And pants. And hat. And shoes. And car. And house. Everywhere. Lesser men would be wary of wearing bright green and gold shoes with bright green shorts topped off with a Packers hat in a Minnesota grocery store on a Saturday afternoon- but this man is not. Sure, he gets some grief, but the amazing thing about my dad is his ability to befriend anyone within two minutes of going somewhere. He's a people magnet with an infectious personality, even to Vikings fans who are quick to ridicule his fashion choices.

His man cave is a thing of beauty. It represents Packers' legends of old and new and all the memories he's shared with them through a lifetime of fanhood. Not many people would say that a Packers neon light and a painting of Lambeau Field is a tasteful combination, but he really makes it work. There are Wheaties boxes, footballs, banners, Super Bowl turf, footballs and Packers trinkets us kids made in class when we were young. We can't say for sure why we became Packer fans too; it would have been easy to follow our friends into the dark purple. If we had to say, it would probably be because growing up seeing the type of passion our Dad had for his team and the pure joy in his eyes was incredible and contagious. The two constants in all those memories are the Green Bay Packers and our Dad.

Our dad embodies the goodness, grit and perseverance the Packers were built on. If he's not a Hall of Famer, there simply aren't any out there.

"What this nomination means to me is the realization that I have grown an incredible lifetime of memories of the special times shared with generations of family and friends around the Packers. The Green Bay Packers have always invoked a family feeling, a special sense of pride and belonging, and they certainly have been a big part of our family. I'll hold my Packers memories close, I have some great ones, but for now it's all about the opportunity to spend time together with family & friends doing something we love. I think we've got a few more generations of Packer's fans ahead of us!"

  Nominee: Rosemary Scheible - Wauwatosa, WI

When my Mom married my Dad in 1957, they agreed that all family plans should be made around the Sunday Packers games (such as what time to eat on Thanksgiving, their granddaughter's wedding or vacation dates), so nothing would interfere with watching the game.

My Mom and Dad attended games together, including the famous Ice Bowl, and she didn't complain during the game, despite her being dressed up. They would go to Packer games at State Fair Park, County Stadium and then Lambeau Field. My parents have been long time Milwaukee season ticket holders and even though my Dad has passed away, she hasn't missed a game since. When she's not attending games she is hosting a Packers party. In addition to her season tickets, she has gone on the road to see the Packers in New Orleans, Chicago, Florida, Cincinnati and Washington. She was also sure to be in Green Bay for the Favre retirement ceremony last summer.

Rosemary loves all things Packers. Every year she replenishes our packer gear. She finds the greatest Packer gifts, things that we didn't even know they made (like my son's bedding, table cloths, purses, even shoes!). She loves to read any books on Packers, especially about the good old days. She even took us to see LOMBARDI, a one man show at the Pabst Theater a few years ago.

These are just some of the reasons that I think my Mom would make a great addition to the Packer Fan Hall of Fame. She shares her love of the Green Bay Packers with her children, grandchildren and now great grandchildren.

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh I can't believe it! The Packers are family. They are in my home and in my heart and that's why being a finalist means so much to me."
  Nominee: Mike Sledz - Grayslake, IL

My Dad has been a Packers fan his entire life, and if there was a definition of true Packers fan in the dictionary, his photo would probably be included. He's not the over-the-top, trash-talking type fan, but just plain passionate about his team. He wears something Packers every day, whether it be a jersey, t-shirt, hat, or pajamas. If a game is on, it's being watched. (And if he goes to the game, it's being recorded so he can watch it again when he comes home!)

He is a shareholder and season ticket holder (both packages). His browser home page is and his Facebook cover photo boasts him as being the crazy Packers fan everyone warned you about. His home office is literally a shrine to the Packers, featuring numerous autographs, memorabilia and Packers collectibles. This room even has a 6-foot Packers Christmas tree during the Holidays.

Even though he has lived in Illinois his entire life, which some might consider an obstacle, he proudly roots for Green Bay. The story of how my Dad became a Packer fan living in Bears country is also quite unique. My Grandfather, who was born in Chicago, was a Chicago Cardinals fan and became an anti-Bears fan when the Cardinals left Chicago for St. Louis. He vowed to become a fan of the team closest in proximity to Chicago, and yes, that was the Packers. My Grandpa made a good choice, and my grandparents raised my Dad right.

During his childhood, my Dad was fortunate to attend many games as the season ticket holders from the Wisconsin side of our family were always happy to have a young Packer fan from Illinois attend a game. My Dad spent his childhood summers in northern Wisconsin, but always went to stay with family in Green Bay once training camp started so that he could attend practices.

As an adult, my Dad has continued his unwavering loyalty, convincing his wife (from Illinois) to convert to cheering for the Packers, and raising me as a Packers fan.

I believe my Dad's passion for the Packers qualifies him to be in the Fan Hall of Fame.

"Being selected as one of the 10 Finalists for the Packers FAN Hall of Fame is absolutely AMAZING! I've been a fan of the Packers for as long as I can remember, and being considered as a finalist is truly an honor. To me, this is like the Super Bowl for fans! I know and live the passion that encompasses Packer fans, especially all of the finalists, and I'm just ecstatic to be included in this group. GO PACK!"
  Nominee: Kay J Kuester Doran - Antigo, WI

Kay Kuester Doran, 81, attended her first Packer games at a field behind East High on Thanksgiving Day in the 1940's with the Packers playing the Lions. The Dorans moved to Green Bay the same year Vince Lombardi arrived. Going down to the Packers ticket office, she was simply asked how many season tickets she wanted because there was no wait list back then. Her and her husband have had the same four tickets ever since.

Kay uses those tickets to share her love of the Packers and the Lambeau Field experience with people who have never been to a game before. Just last year high school exchange students from Holland, Kazakhstan and the Philippines not only saw their first football game, they were able to attend a Packers game because of Kay. Kay proudly took a Canadian native from the Milwaukee Ballet to his first Packers game and a 70 plus cancer survivor was able to enjoy her first game when Kay took her to the Breast Cancer Awareness game. Kay makes sure her guests are fully equipped with Packers gear that she purchases just for them and even lets them keep it after the game. She proudly wears a string of replica super bowl rings around her neck and wants her guests to be adorned in Green & Gold as well.

Her house shows off her Packers pride also. Her dining room plate rail proudly displays Vince Lombardi's autograph and life size cut outs of favorite Packers. Two book cases hold a collection of Packer related books, many which are vintage and autographed. You can also spot her little car by the four Packer flags flying as she drives around Antigo.

Kay has claim to something that not many do. She not only attended the Ice Bowl, she actually has proof. A photo that hung in the old Packers Hall of Fame showed Kay and her guests at the game and dressed for the subzero weather.

Kay has been a fan for so long she has seen many changes at Lambeau Field. She used to watch the Lumberjack Band but is now thrilled when UW's band makes it annual appearance. Hot dogs used to be her food of choice at Lambeau Field but has since been replaced by Pac 'n Cheese.

"This is the most exciting thing to happen to me since Vince Lombardi gave me an autograph on my birthday almost 40 years ago! I am just so thrilled because this would give me a chance to allow more people the opportunity experience Lambeau Field."