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  • Sat., Jun. 20, 2015 12:00 PM CDT Kenny Chesney/Jason Aldean concert Jason Aldean and Kenny Chesney have announced that their tours, The Burn It Down Tour and The Big Revival Tour presented by Corona Light, will collide for 10 stadium shows next summer, including Lambeau Field on Saturday, June 20, 2015.  More on-sale information and special guests will be revealed over the coming weeks.
  • Mon., Jul. 13, 2015 7:00 AM CDT Packers Hall of Fame Inc. Golf Classic

    The Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame Inc. Golf Classic is set for Monday, July 13, 2015, at The Bull in Sheboygan Falls, WI. Those interested in participating in the event can contact Holly Borga (920-965-6986; hollyb@packershalloffame.com) for more information.

  • Sat., Jul. 18, 2015 7:00 PM CDT Brett Favre's Packers HOF Induction Banquet

    The Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame Inc. will induct former Packers quarterback Brett Favre at the 45th Annual Hall of Fame Induction Banquet. The event will also feature the retirement of Favre’s No. 4. This dual recognition is an honor that is unprecedented in Green Bay Packers history. The banquet will be held on Saturday, July 18, 2015, in the Lambeau Field Atrium.

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  Nominee: Mike Oechsner - Green Bay, WI

Mike Oechsner is a lifelong Packer fan that shows his passion for his family and the Packers in many ways. He does not like doing any Packer events without his wife, Sherry. If you see Mike, you will usually see Sherry, and you will probably see his Super Bowl photos.

When I say Mike has Super Bowl photos, I am talking about Super Bowl I. He, his dad, and brother stayed for four days in the hotel where the Packers and movie stars stayed in LA before Super Bowl I.

Mike not only has an amazing Super Bowl I photo collection, he has collected Packer memorabilia throughout his life. He proudly displays his Packer memorabilia in his home.

Mike has longed to live in Green Bay, WI for some time. He and Sherry moved to Green Bay last year because of his lifelong desire to be more involved with the many different happenings with the Green Bay Packers. Mike will tell people who ask him why he moved to Green Bay, he will say: “I follow champions”.

Now that Mike lives in Green Bay, part of his daily routine is to go for at least one walk a day, and of course part of the path is a minimum of one lap fully around Lambeau Field. Mike and Sherry do make it to a number of the different Green Bay Packers shows that take place during the season each week.

When Mike does not have a ticket to a game, he can be seen around Lambeau Field tailgating with others. Mike tailgates at his home, too. Mike is a friendly and very inviting person that not only loves his family and the Packers, but is a person who wants to help others enjoy the tradition of the Green Bay Packers.

The connection with the Packers started before Super Bowl I. The connection became stronger when some Packer players came and hunted on his family’s property. The players then offered Mike’s dad tickets to Super Bowl I. Mike got to meet players (most of them, yes, even Bart Starr) and coaches (yes, even Vince Lombardi). Mike has Polaroid photos from those four days in 1967 that he is always willing to show and to share his story with anyone.

Part of Mike’s Packer collection now includes a paperweight ring of Super Bowl I that is as fitting for him to display as his friendly smile. Today Mike is like an ambassador of the Packers as he continues to meet other fans and players. Some of these connections have continued to grow, too, be it from meetings with players like Johnny Jolly or with me.

Mike not only is a big Packer fan, he is a family man, a good husband and a good man. It is my pleasure to nominate Mike as a contestant, and hopefully a finalist, in the Green Bay Packer Fan Hall Of Fame contest this year.

  Nominee: Gary Love - Hicksville, NY

You might be wondering why a 71 year old retired cop from Long Island, New York is being nominated for Green Bay Packers fan of the year. How did a New Yorker become a Packers fan? He’s not even from Wisconsin! In writing this letter, I will answer this question and explain why I feel my father, Gary Love, is a perfect choice to be the next Packers fan of the year.

My dad has been a Green Bay Packers fan since the 1950’s. While most in New York supported the New York Giants, Gary was drawn to the Packers when he started following football. He wanted to root for the underdog as a kid, and there was no better team to pull for than a small town squad going up against a league full of ‘big city’ teams. Unfortunately there was no Internet or Direct TV back then so he loyally rooted for the Packers from afar.

In 1983, he realized a childhood dream when he attended his first Packers game at Lambeau Field for his 40th birthday. After watching a thrilling Packers Monday night victory, he knew he would return for more games, and he has done so every year since! For the past 32 years my father has attended 55 home games in Green Bay, making several lifelong friends in the process. He also met several key players and coaches from Lombardi’s Packers, many who came to know him and appreciate his love of football, the community, and the team. Ray Nitschke and Red Cochran knew him well and he was honored to have known them. He proudly calls Bart Starr an acquaintance of his. He even became a regular guest at Red Cochran’s tailgating parties in the parking lot of Lambeau each year.

Gary has several amazing items of Packers memorabilia. The centerpiece of his “museum” is an authentic signature football that has 48 autographs of “Lombardi Packers” he personally collected over the years. Material items do not make one fan better of more loyal than another though. He was offered thousands of dollars for that ball and turned it down! He kept it because he loves showing it to his friends

The main reason to nominate Gary Love for Packers fan of the year is because of his ability to turn others into Packers fans! Over the years, several of his friends took the “pilgrimage” to Green Bay to see a game at Lambeau Field and all came back rooting for the Pack! Recently, he organized a trip for 30 of my friends to see a game for my bachelor party. It was a weekend none of us will forget and it added to our love of the game and the “small town” Green Bay Packers.

Most people root for their hometown teams when it comes to professional sports. I think over the years, my dad has become a part of your city of Green Bay, not just a fan of your storied football team.
  Nominee: Nancy Locante - Kenosha, WI

The biggest, fiercest, most ultimate amount of Packer fanatic is packed air tight within my 5 foot tall, 57 year old, absolute pleasure of a mother, Nancy Locante. Football is her religion, the Packers are her gods, and Packer Sunday is her ultimate day of worship.

Nancy was born on September 23rd, 1957, the same month and year that Lambeau field opened. She considers this her most honorable birthright. Her passion for the Packers is genetic, passed on to her from her mother. Nancy started going to games in the lean years of the 1980’s with her mom and sister, and attended every single Packer Bear game at Lambeau. When the Three Packerteers were unable to worship in person at their Lambeau sanctuary, they made due in my grandma’s Packer palace of a basement. One of my fondest childhood memories is of how insurmountably happy my mom was on game days in that basement.

Like any good packer fan, she’s a great sport with the most vibrant and infectious attitude. Her friends all count on her to be dressed from head to toe in Packer absurdities on gameday. She even has a custom green and gold sequined Packer outfit reserved for Super Bowl games. Although it’s hard for her to live in Kenosha with all the Bear fans, her passion for the game makes her friends between both fandoms. She has bought many a weeping Bear fan a consolatory drink in the 1990’s.

And no ultimate Packer fan is without a vast, infinite amount of Packer merchandise to bask in their obsessive glory. Our house is smothered from top to bottom. Above our television is a framed smiling photo of Aaron Rodgers that taunts us like a glorified favorite child. My mom is also in the process of buying a new car, but can’t seem to find one the perfect shade gold to match her Packer license plates, antenna ball and magnetic stickers. Last Christmas, my dad surprised her with a replica super bowl ring. She says it was the best gift she ever received.

Four years ago, Nancy had tickets to go the Packers vs. Giants game the day after Christmas. It was the only time there was ever a ticket in her possession that she didn’t use. Her mother who had been fighting lung cancer passed away that morning. The past year, Nancy herself was diagnosed with and beat breast cancer. Throughout all her trials she has been an unwavering, brilliant Packer fan and an even more brilliant mother. My two brothers and I are broke college students, and can’t think of a better way to surprise her than to give her the gift of Ultimate Packer Fan. There is not a fan, mother, or friend more deserving. Thank you for your consideration and all of the joy you bring to my mom and to my family.
  Nominee: Christopher Windisch - Williston Park, NY

My name is Samantha Windisch, I am nominating my father, J. Christopher Windisch to be the 17th member of the Packers Fan Hall of Fame. My father was born and raised on Long Island, NY and still became a Packers fan.

When I asked my father why he chose the Packers he told me he was eight years old and was enamored by Vince Lombardi. He became my father’s role model and so at eight years old he put himself on the Packers season ticket waiting list. Finally, in the spring of 2013 he became a season ticket holder. When he was nine my father had a paper route. He took all the money he earned and gave it to his father, asking him to buy stock in the Packers. Then at nine years old my father became an owner. My father also loved Bart Starr and admired the relationship he had with Lombardi. In our house we run on “Lombardi Time” and it’s a rare occasion when my father goes for a period of time without quoting him in some way. In our house it is also called the “Lombardi Trophy Game” and not the “Super Bowl.” When “Lombardi” was on Broadway my father saw it multiple times.

Before my mother and father were married my father made my mom memorize Packers history and take a test to see if he could marry her, she passed. In 1993 my brother Brett was born. My dad knew Farve was going to be great and wanted to name his son after him, unknown to my mother why the name was selected. My father passed on his love of the Packers to his three children and his wife. We are all proud owners of the team thanks to my father.

My Dad’s office is more of a “man cave.” Packers’ pictures, posters and signs cover the walls, along with his prized box of Frozen Tundra. Never does a Christmas or a birthday go by without him receiving some Packers gear. When my mother and father got engaged and planned to set a date my father had to make sure it was not during the season and sure enough they got married in February.

Being a Packers fan in New York is tough but my father certainly takes a lot of ribbing from New York fans. We have a huge Packer helmet on the back of our car that is extremely hard to miss. My father claims that he is part of one of the biggest most loyal families in the world. After hearing him preach it I honestly believe there is no better following of a team, in any sport. His eyes light up when we find other Packers fan to talk to. Dad has been a Packers fan for 49 years and counting. My father plans on retiring in Green Bay so he can be close to his Packers.
  Nominee: Glen Christensen - Grapevine , TX

My Name is Glen Christensen and I live in Grapevine, Texas-just 10 miles from Dallas Cowboys stadium. I was born in Green Bay at St. Vincent's Hospital and my

grandparents had a general store just blocks from Lambeau field. When I was young I'd sit at the curb in front of their store and listen to hear the roar of the crowd as I could tell how the Packers that I loved even at that young age were doing. Of course this was the 60's -and they were doing Really well!

My love and devotion for the Packers came from many directions. My mom was the first baton majorette with the Green Bay Packer Lumberjack Band in 1939. She was picked first by Curley Lambeau when he saw her perform at an East High School halftime and then by legendary band director Wilner Burke. Packer great Don Hutson was a family friend and my Dad was a design artist with the company that printed the very first Packer "G" decals. With this kind of pedigree-I couldn't help but be a lifelong Packer fan.

I'm probably most known for having the largest privately held vintage Green Bay Packer memorabilia collection in the country-outside of the Packer Hall of Fame of course! Ifyou Google Glen Christensen Packers- you will find several pages of articles on me, my collection and my love of the Green Bay Packers. My collection has been featured in dozens and dozens of magazines, radio shows, TV broadcasts (especially during the Super Bowl in Dallas). I live 1100 miles from Lambeau Field and with my love of the Packers and of Green Bay I had to bring some of that here to Texas-10 miles from Dallas Cowboy Stadium-to show my Packer pride. I get fans from all teams coming to see my collection and they leave-maybe not loving the Packers-but definitely respecting and admiring the incredible history that my collection brings them. I've found it my calling to preserve and display Packer history, as there is no other team or franchise like the Packers. My collection features items from the 1920's on -most one of a kind treasures. My newest locker room that I built features the floor that is carpeted with the 'G" from the Packer end zone from Super Bowl 45 that I managed to pu rchase.

Now certainly a collection doesn't define a lifelong fan. Along with having my entire second floor of my suburban Dallas home devoted to the team that I love, I'm also a season ticket holder-flying back for 6-8 games a year. I'm also a Packer shareholder having bought shares in the past two stock sales. I wanted my entire family to be "Owners" as well so I bought my wife, all my children and grandchildren stock certificates.

I know that Green Bay has the absolute best fans in the country so for me to be asking to be singled out amongst them seems silly. Having said that, I don't think you will find anyone more devoted, proud and blessed to have been Born a Packers Fan.

  Nominee: Steve Schumer - Gillette, NJ

I would like to nominate my dad, Steve Schumer, who’s 57, been a die-hard Packers fan for almost 50 years and lived his entire life in NJ. In the ‘70s and ‘80s there was no Internet, no DirecTV, little Packers news in the NJ/NY papers, and they were very rarely on television here. These are some of the great lengths my dad went to to follow his team during that time:

He got the Green Bay Press-Gazette mailed daily to his home, arriving usually 5-7 days later, and successfully escalated to the U.S. Postmaster General to get the service improved to 3-4 days!

In the ‘70s, way before you could purchase the annual highlight film, my dad would write the Packers requesting they loan it to him, which they always did. He would borrow a 16mm projector from his school and watch the film on his living room wall!

While in college in the mid-‘70s, he did an independent research study about the effects television had on the NFL. The highlight was when he was allowed onto the set of CBS’ NFL Today show in NYC, and found out there was a room where he could watch any game in the country. So he of course watched the Packers, and did so many times that season. He was likely the only Packers fan on the East Coast who was seeing those games then!

One time in the late ‘70s the Packers were playing the Redskins in a pre-season game in Green Bay. Just so he could see his team on TV, he drove 5 hours to Washington, DC and checked into a small hotel right before kickoff. After watching the game in his room, he checked out around midnight – shocking the front desk clerk -- and drove home!

In high school he began a long-lasting friendship via phone with Shirley Leonard, who worked for many years in the Packers Public Relations department. When VCRs became available in the early ‘80s, Shirley agreed to tape every game at home and send them to him the next day!

The license plate on my dad’s car for decades has been “PACKERS” – the only official one in the State of NJ!

Of course, my dad raised me to be a Packers fan. He took me to my first Packers game in Green Bay when I was 8, and has taken me almost every year since. We’ve now been to Lambeau 14 times together. A few years ago, he took me out there for the NFL Draft. People were shocked we had flown out from NJ just to experience the draft from the atrium!

Things got a lot easier in the ‘90s via sports bars, home satellite and the Internet. But it’s mostly how fervently and uniquely he followed the Packers from NJ in the ‘70s and ‘80s, as well as his unwavering loyalty during those tough years, that I think makes him deserving to be in the Packers Fan Hall of Fame!
  Nominee: Steve Tate - De Forest, WI

I am nominating Steve Tate a lifelong Green Bay Packer fan. He is not only the greatest Packer fan I know, he is one of the greatest people I know! In 1995 he became a Packer Shareholder (a lifelong dream of his). In 1995 he attended his first Packer game. Since 2003 he has attended all of the Packers’ Green package home games. In 2010 he was able to attend seven Packer home games and two of our road games. He went to the NFC Championship game in Chicago and Super Bowl XLV in Texas, where he cheered on the Packers to our 13th World Championship

Steve truly enjoys hanging out and interacting with other Packer fans. By doing this he gets to meet a lot of people from all over our country and the world. All of this has allowed him to make more connections with Packer, and other, NFL fans. Steve encourages good sportsmanship and positive memories. The relationships that get established are FANtastic, even the brief ones, and some turn out to become lifelong friends. He relishes the opportunity to show other fans around Lambeau Field and to be an “ambassador” for our team. In 2012 he had the privilege of being on the field in Lambeau Field to assist in holding the United States Flag during our National Anthem before the kickoff of the Packers/Bears game.

Each year Steve travels to multiple away games. Over the past three years he has traveled to: Indianapolis, Washington, Chicago Bears (three times), Detroit (twice), Saint Louis, Houston, Cincinnati, Seattle, New Orleans, Baltimore, Minnesota, and Dallas just to see his Packers bring home a victory. Over the years he has become a fan of fans. For the past five years Steve tries to secure additional home tickets beyond his one, so that he can help other fans experience the history and majesty of Lambeau Field. There is NO PLACE LIKE LAMBEAU FIELD!! Besides just securing tickets for out of towner’s, he also invites them into his home. It seems that every home game has become a weekend of him becoming a Green Bay tour guide. From Saturday thru Monday you can usually find Steve in the area taking that weekends guest(s) for their memorable journey.

Steve really enjoys being engaged in life and living in the community. He believes in giving back to the communities. He is a member of the Green & Gold Society where we raise funds for Special Olympics, and participate in the annual Polar Plunge in Green Bay. He also attends multiple fundraisers each year to help support the Packers and local charities.

Steve really enjoys being a part of the Packer family. He is a fan that talks in “we” and “us” in relation to the Packers. "I tailgate and I know the joys, the pains, and the camaraderie that makes us family, which cause me to invest my emotions, time and money with other fans, as well as the Packers".
  Nominee: Jean Gollyhon - Green Bay, WI

Dear Packers FAN Hall of Fame Selection Committee,

I will be 91 in January and am a lifelong Packers fan, having lived in Green Bay all my life. I started going to Packers games as a young child sitting on my parents or grandparents laps at Old City Stadium. I have attended games under every coach the Packers have ever had starting with Lambeau!

I’ll always remember when I was a child we took the train to Chicago and rode the “L” (elevated train) to the Packer Bear game. The Packers beat the Bears that day when Don Hutson caught two touchdown passes in the last few minutes. The team rode home on the same train and celebrated with the fans all the way back. It was quite an experience.

During the Lombardi Era I became a true rail bird watching training camp practices almost every day with my daughter. One day Coach Lombardi was signing an autograph for me and I was able to thank him for bringing great football back to Green Bay.

When Mike Holmgrem was our coach I traveled to games in San Francisco, Minneapolis, Detroit and Super Bowl XXXI in New Orleans all while Brett Favre was our quarterback.

My daughter Jarreth and husband Jerry Haltaufderheid are part of the family that owned Eve’s Supper Club in Green Bay and thru the years were privileged to entertain many Packers players and alumni the likes of Max McGee and Paul Hornung and they have shared many of my great Packers memories with them

I have been a season ticket holder since Lambeau Field was built in 1957, attending the games with my husband Phill and my daughter Jarreth. After Phill passed away in 1975 my daughter and I have continued to go to all the home games to cheer on our Packers from our seats in section 133. I am a Shareholder and also have a brick on the atrium wall saying “Go Pack Go” Jean & Phill Gollyhon.

Several years ago I had a leg amputated so now I sit in the handicap section with my daughter. I’m still cheering “Go Pack Go”, De-fence De-fence and singing Roll Out The Barrel. I sat in a skybox once, it was nice but no matter what the weather I would rather be part of the action outside in the bowl.

I’m so glad I have lived long enough to enjoy our spectacular renovated Lambeau Field and am blessed to have enjoyed such great Packers football for so many years. I’ve loved all of it and would be honored to be considered for the Packers FAN Hall of Fame.

  Nominee: Arnold Ruelle - Niles, MI

As I walk into my grandfathers house on a Sunday afternoon, I see him watching the Packer game with his cheesehead hat on in all his green and yellow clothes. My grandpa, or “Poppy”, has been a fan his whole life, and he has always wanted to go to a Green Bay Packer game. Growing up in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, not far from Green Bay, he had never got the opportunity to go to a game. His love for the Packers has been in his blood since the day he was born. It has rubbed off on anyone who has been around him. All of his five grandchildren, and his three children are now Packer fans. Before he had even got to go to a game, he wanted his grandkids to be “owners” of his favorite franchise. For Christmas he bought each one of us a stock of the Packers. He is a man that has always put everyone else before him. The most caring, generous person I have ever met, wanted us to own part of the franchise before him.

One year we had finally made it to Lambeau field when I was in town for a hockey tournament. Poppy did what he could to find time to go to the one and only, Lambeau Field. As we walked through the Hall of Fame and on a tour through the entire stadium I could hear the excitement in his voice and smile on his face. That was enough to know that he was having the time of his life just being at the field. I knew we had to take him to a game when we walked through the tunnel the players walk through, and onto the field. He wouldn’t stop saying how he wished he could get to a Packers game. That dream of his had finally came true.

At seventy eight years old, Poppy finally got to go to his first game, and it was something his entire family will never forget. He didn’t want to spend this amazing moment by himself, so he brought his entire family with. For twelve people, he paid for the tickets, food, gas, and gave everyone spending money for the Packer Pro Shop. He wanted everyone to enjoy the moment he was going to spend; while watching the team he loved in the freezing weather as the snow was falling. A Packers game has been on his bucket list for a long time, and now he can cross it off. He talks about the game to everyone just so he can remember the moment he spent at Lambeau Field. Poppy had the best time of his life. I always hear him talk about how much it had meant to him. During the game my mom heard Poppy say, “If I died right now, I would be one happy man.” He would do anything to spend another day at Lambeau watching the team he loves most.
  Nominee: Frank Michalowski - Racine, WI

Nominee: Frank Michalowski, Racine, WI

My dad, Frank Michalowski, is the son of Polish and Lithuanian immigrants who were displaced and fled to England in the wake of World War II. Frank’s parents saved up what little money they could earn as war refugees and moved the family to Racine in 1953, eager to leave behind the scars of war and start over in the USA. My dad was only 3 months old when his family left England and traveled across the Atlantic for America.

Frank grew up in Racine with his working class family and began to closely follow his home-state football team, the Green Bay Packers. The Packers were quite an inspiration as young Frank devoutly followed the triumphs of the Lombardi era teams. Frank fondly recalls those “Glory Years” of the 60's, the ups and downs of the 70's and 80's, and the ascendance back to the top during the 90's through today. One of my dad’s proudest memories is being in the stands at Lambeau Field for the Packers wildcard playoff game against the St. Louis Cardinals on January 8, 1983. Frank often shares the thrill of watching the Packers win (41-16) from the upper bleachers of the South End Zone (which looks a little more expansive today!)

Over the years it has been obvious to me that my dad’s Packers pride has carried over into his career as a swim coach. Frank has passionately coached the boys and girls swim teams at Case High School for nearly 20 years. Coach Frank emulates and instills the Packers tradition in his athletes: sacrifice, discipline, determination...something that has made him well respected among his coaching peers, current and former athletes, and their parents. As a coach and mentor, Frank has inspired his Case Eagle swimmers to always strive to be their best in the water and in the classroom. He has coached swimmers that have gone on to become Academic All-Americans and State Champions, and Case swim teams have consistently been one of the best in their conference year after year. Frank’s successes have been recognized as he has been awarded Racine County Swim Coach of the Year in multiple years over the past two decades.

Frank also shares his Packers passion with his two sons and his two grandsons...who all now have a tradition of making an annual pilgrimage to Lambeau Field to cheer on the Packers! The rest of the season, Frank can be seen at home or a local restaurant cheering on the Packers wearing the jersey of his favorite Packer from the Glory Years...66 Ray Nitschke.

It would be a humble honor if the Green Bay Packers nominated one of their greatest fans who has lived the Packers tradition and passed along that tradition to his family as well as the athletes he leads. If nominated, it would be a moment of a lifetime for my father and one he would truly appreciate from the bottom of his Green & Gold heart.